Monday, October 08, 2012

I found a new way to Sell your stuff online

Have you had it with FeeBAY (EBay)? I have!!!
As of Today October 8, 2012 I am never going back to EBay, done with them! The new site I have found is called TIAS or The Internet antique store, or
I will be listing a lot of Our Estate sale finds on this new site.
It is gonna take me a few week to get my store up and running, but wait till you see all the goodies I will have listed. The deal is for TIAS, you must have an 25 different products with a total minimum sale price of $1,200 are required to start your store! They offer a  month-to-month plan for $39.95 per month minimum fee. If your total sales for one month on result in a monthly 10% commission fee paid to that is greater than $39.95, you pay just the 10% commission that is due. No other additional fees will apply! In my opinion that is a great deal!


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