Friday, September 25, 2009

Difficult Days

My mother, Penny, passed away on Sept. 16, 2009 of dementia. I am happy she was at Hospice. They are wonderful people.It’s been difficult to write more than a few lines without breaking down.Plus, it is not easy writing about a remarkable woman.My family wasn’t wealthy, but we wanted for nothing.She modestly and unsparingly gave of herself though her time,her hard work and her words of encouragement.Mom spent 47 years devoted to my father in marriage.My Parents loved to go out and go dancing,especially when Saturday Night Fever came out in 1977. My Mom was one of those 1950's sitcom moms. She taught me to write thank you letters, she shopped, she was a awesome cook and raised 3 children.Mom didn't return to work until I was in 1st grade ( I was the youngest of the 3).When I was 9 my Grandmother (Nana) moved in with us. Nana was my Mom's Mother, so I was lucky to have had that time with the both of them. It was like having 2 Mothers,wow was I lucky. All my friends liked coming to our house ,something was always baking in the oven.I can remember my Nana having home baked chocolate chip cookies and hot chocolate on a cold winter day. But back to my Mom, she could bake seventeen kinds of cookies ,grow vegetables in her garden,be a loving wife, a wise and gentle mother, and successful business woman . But those days are gone, but not forgotten.


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