Sunday, August 02, 2009

August 2nd and it's still a wee bit chilly 4 me

It is hard to believe that it is August 2, 2009 and here in the Land of Oz the temperature is 59 degrees...Oh well...It's that time again,off to delivery the Sunday newspaper to the residents of this village in the land of Oz. Another day another $51.00, that would be 300 Sunday newspapers at .17 cents per paper,wow.Well it is Sunday after all so I'll be making a pork roast for dinner tonight with all the fixings. Our favorite shows are on tonight , True blood on HBO. And have you heard that they are now offering Tru blood soda pop? For only $16.00 for a 4 pack.It's official! The Tru Blood drink has now been 'DE-fictionalized' and emerges into reality as a delicious blood orange carbonated drink. The Tru Blood Drink is an exact replica of the bottle design as seen on True Blood. The 14oz glass Tru Blood bottle is stained in a rich red, with raised Tru Blood English lettering and matching Japanese Kanji.You can pre order the drink at
This blood orange flavored soda is slightly tart, lightly sweet and subtly carbonated. Designed to taste great ....Stay Tuned for more to come.


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