Friday, July 31, 2009

The dog rescue

So here I was working on my blog the other day,and I hear my neighbor's dog "Aussie" crying out in pain.I looked out my window and several other neighbor's are running over to find out what has happened.From the sound of her cry I knew something was wrong.So we run across the street, some how Aussie got herself caught up in a plastic yard chair.Aussie had already bitten her owner who was trying to help get her free from the yard chair. So I ran back home got a sleeping bag ,I put the sleeping bag over her head,the I just pushed down on the slats of the chair while my honey bunny freed the dogs paws. Boy was Aussie ever so grateful for us helping her out. Talk about a pure adrenaline rush....Here is a picture of that lovely animal.I am just glad we where able to help, the owner & dog are OK :)


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